Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I just never know when that great shot will happen. There is often so much that is out of my control and it's not till later when I can study and evaluate the photo that I know it's a keeper.  In McAlister's Deli I passed by this set of windows and think it would make a cool angle shot. But there were diners in the way so I turned my attention to my lunch. A few minutes later they left and I grabbed my iPhone, popped over and snapped this picture quickly before the lady on the other side of the window noticed I was taking her picture. 

I love the story. She is ready for lunch walking ahead of her partner but she doesn't see that there is something that has his attention. What is it? Is there a third person?  Did he lock the car? Did he set the DVR for the game?  Don't know, but that is part of the beauty of photography, capturing an unexpected moment in time. 

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